1. Ups and Downs Song from my "Pride" cd


2. Momma don't love me Song from "Pride" cd


3. One Way Street Song from "Pride" cd




4. I ride the wave This song I sang vocals, the rest was all done using Ableton Live.



5. Insane Loving You


On the following 3 original instrumental songs... I sequenced the drums and manipulated the samples...
I did not create the original sound samples though... unlike the above 3 songs.

6. Wired week 3.

7. Lively Effected week 5.


8. Purple Eaters Among Us week 4.




These next 2 songs are from my 2 solo cds "Pride" and "Red"
I did the vocals and played drums on these songs.

Traditional old school rock and roll... no sequencing.

9. Red


10. Pride