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A still from my music video “You Bring Me Flowers” on instagram and YouTube.


"Pride" Cover Art for June 29th, 2021 release.
This song also will be on my upcoming EP called "Drum Head".
I played drums and sang.
Adam Niedz - Guitar
Paul Kmiotek - Bass
Mixed by Dana Zircher
Peerlessmastering : Jeff Lipton and Maria Rice Master Engineers
The skull I painted in oils on board 4"x4".

"Surf Dog" has been on the Punk Party Radio Show more than 4 times.

A Quote from a friend AJ Dagger, “Jade you singlehandedly bring personality, humor and insight back to music.
Like Zappa and Weird Al hosted an orgy and invited all the best musicians around and you were the resulting love child. Great stuff.”

"Shine Your Love" April 2021 release.
This song I'm very proud, I played all the instruments, and vocals.
This is kind of my opus to my long ago drum teachers...
Rip Jack Brand and Stuart Miller.

"No More Lies" March 2021 release.

"Second To None" February 2021 release.

"Over The Edge" January 2021 release.
This is song #2 on my upcoming EP called "Drum Head"

"Baby Got Jungle" Total fun.

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